Wootag and Lemma Partner to Redefine Emerging Media Creative Enhancements

Wootag Lemma partner

Wootag, an interactive visual marketing platform, and Lemma, an omnichannel SSP for emerging formats, have joined forces to transform creative enhancement and media effectiveness for marketers. This collaboration offers brands an opportunity to leverage the growing audience engagement within DOOH & CTV media and elevate their visual interactive marketing campaigns.

Through this partnership, marketers will now have access to Wootag’s interactive visual marketing capabilities within Lemma’s media ecosystem. By integrating Wootag’s technology, marketers can create experiences that drive deeper audience engagement. This collaboration unlocks the potential for personalised and impactful campaigns at scale, combining Lemma’s reach and targeting capabilities with Wootag’s interactive features.

Recognising the increasing time audiences spend in CTV media and navigating through their day in an outdoor environment, brands understand the importance of tapping into intent viewing and other upper to lower-funnel metrics. Wootag and Lemma empower marketers to enhance the viewing experience by making it contextual and personalised, resulting in a remarkable 2-3X uplift in performance compared to standard videos across CTV & DOOH platforms.

Entailing this collaboration, Lemma clients and agency partners can incorporate Wootag’s interactive visual marketing capabilities as part of their media offerings. This bundled solution is available globally, providing agency partners with a way to combine technology with media to drive campaign effectiveness at scale. By leveraging Wootag’s interactive features within Lemma’s omnichannel ecosystem, marketers can create highly engaging and personalised experiences for their audience across multiple channels.

“At Wootag, we offer marketers a comprehensive solution that integrates interactive visual marketing with a powerful media ecosystem. With our partnership with Lemma, marketers can deliver highly interactive and contextualised experiences that captivate audiences and achieve exceptional results in their advertising efforts. We are thrilled to embark on this journey with Lemma and empower brands to fuel remarkable business growth.” stated Raj Sunder, CEO and founder of Wootag.

“At Lemma, we are committed to staying at the forefront of innovation, ensuring that our brands remain ahead in the competitive landscape. Partnering with Wootag reflects our ongoing pursuit of excellence in serving our brands and clients by unleashing the power of interactive visual marketing and data-driven insights and sets a new standard in the digital advertising landscape.” – Gulab Patil, founder and CEO of Lemma.

This partnership also empowers marketers with valuable insights and analytics, enabling data-driven decision-making. Marketers can gain a deeper understanding of audience behaviour, preferences, and engagement patterns, allowing them to refine their strategies and optimise performance in real time. By leveraging technology and data-driven insights, marketers can make informed optimisations and drive better campaign results.